creating a shaped wedding band

If you have an antique, vintage or an unusual engagement ring you may need to have a fitted wedding band specially tailored to match the profile. Edwardian and Art Deco rings in particular often have low settings that sit flush against the finger preventing a straight wedding band to sit snugly. We specialise in creating shaped wedding bands whether they be plain or stone set, gently curved, geometrically angled, scalloped and any shape in between.

We love the challenge of creating an antique looking wedding band to perfectly match your antique engagement ring and so we work closely with our jewellers to achieve this using traditional setting techniques, specific alloys and old cut diamonds.

Below are a few examples of the fitted bands we've made. If you think a shaped wedding band is what you need come in store and we'll discuss the details. We generally have a chat at the beginning and take a look at your ring, we discuss different options and then, if you'd like to go into more detail, we book in your engagement ring (yes, you do need to part with it for a short while) and after our jeweller makes an assessment we provide you with a quote.