Scrap metals in bespoke orders

One of the most frequent enquiry in consultations is the possibility of using the scrap metal that remains after gemstone are salvaged, in the same bespoke order.

The answer is yes, but...

 If the bespoke job in question will be be made by hand, then depending on design, the answer is yes. We can process most scrap metals by melting it and forming to a desired shape. This may or may not be cost effective, it largely depends on how complex the design is; the more intricate designs will take much longer to make. We will be able to advice you once we know what design you have in mind.

 The process becomes more complicated, and costly, if we were to use your remnant metal in CAD led designs. In this scenario most of the time reusing your precious metal will add a significant cost. The reason is that the casting companies will often charge extra for using such metals as they often have to refine it separately from their usual stock - and that takes an extra care and set up just for one piece. It is not impossible but in our experience not the cheapest solution. One thing to consider would be making a separate, handmade piece featuring your spare metal - we would be happy to discuss options with you.

Have a look at our hand made pieces below!