Using gemstones in a bespoke order

Most of our commissions include at least one gemstones and we specialise in making jewellery with various types of gems - from the classic diamond, sapphire ruby and emerald to lesser know but equally precious tourmaline, spinel or garnet among others.

A lot of our orders require sourcing specific stones - we can provide many different varieties on request, many of the stones are ethically mined or recycled. We have a selection of fine gemstones as part of our stock so it is always a pleasure to show them to our customers!


Diamond for Bespoke Project

We also have customers coming with their own treasured gemstones, loose or in an old jewellery the would like to use for their new dream piece. We have made hundreds of remodelling jobs as well as new bespoke pieces featuring customer's own stones.

Our experienced designer will be able to advise on different design option based on the stones you have. Sometimes it is possible to add other stones, either from our loose stock collection or from our gem dealers to find the most beautiful and reasonably priced stones on the market.

We usually source stones after consultation, once we know what colour, type and size of a gemstone you'd like. Once we have a satisfactory number of stones we will let you know. We will arrange another 30 min consultation to show you the selection. Please note that the 5 weeks production time does not include choosing gemstones therefore we need to reserve extra time for this alone.