Beaded necklaces are one of the original adornments made by humans and are still going strong! Any bead necklace has a shorter span of life than a usual metal chain necklace (subject to wear and tear of course!) and it will require periodical restringing.

We undertake any restringing jobs, pearls and other bead necklaces, and offer simple and knotted restringing. We use tiger tail, nylon and silk cords for our restringing jobs and depending on the piece we will be able to advise you on the best option.

We suggest having the necklace redone once a year for necklace worn daily and in other cases, the frequency of reworking your necklace largely depends on how often you wear your piece. One of the tell tales of worn necklace is fraying and stretching – if this something that’s noticeable it’s a sign!

The most traditional way is to add knot after each bead, which not only looks attractive but also secures the beads so that when an unfortunate break happens, the beads will remain on the string. This type of restringing is often used for expensive beads necklaces like jade, emerald and pearls. Other methods use a tiger tail – a thin, woven metal string often covered with clear plastic or a nylon string – a strong plastic string that fares better on a straightforward restringing than natural silk.

The turnaround time for most restringing is 2-3 weeks and starts at £50 for unknotted and £70 for knotted necklaces. We usually book your repair in and after few days we follow up with a quote.

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