Jewellery repairs

Diamonds may be forever, but the metal they’re set in doesn’t always withstand our tough way of life (that’s right, you shouldn’t wear your ring in the shower, at the gym, or while doing the gardening). This is why jewellery repairs have become a daily occurrence at Lila’s.

From resizing rings to intricate rebuilding work, we cover all ranges of repairs. We work with specialist workshops and we choose the best one for the job, whatever that is.

Generally, you’d come in with your piece, we book it in our system, we assess the work that needs to be done and we give you a call with a quote within a few days. Once you agreed on the fees we proceed and we get in touch when the piece is ready for collection, usually within two weeks. 

Here’s an example list of the things we do:


- ring resize up/ down - from £50

- clean, polish - from £20

- gold, rhodium plating - from £50

- rebuilding stone settings - pricing on individual basis

- sourcing and setting stones - pricing on individual basis

- chain soldering - from £25

- bead/pearl stringing - from £50

- rebuilding broken parts - pricing on individual basis.

For any other types of repairs you can contact us on:

Telephone - 020 869 366 74

Email -

Please note it may not be impossible to advice on certain items without looking at them in person or speaking to our jeweller first. In such cases we will book the piece in and contact you later with solution.


We do not repair watches or change batteries.

We recommend Harris Horology based in Norwood for any watch queries.

Please note that we are running a reduced repair service in December.