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Remodelling Jewellery

When was the last time you wore that ring from your grandma? Or your engagement ring that wasn’t quite you? That old brooch is very pretty, but are you really a brooch type?

One of our specialties at Lila’s is to breathe new life into old pieces, to reinterpret and make them relevant. We have done a multiple conversions and remodelling jobs over the years for customers and for our stock.

Remodelling can be straightforward or a full bespoke experience - we can take the stone out of an old piece and use it for a new design that you’d really like and wear, or we can bling up the engagement ring with the diamond you’ve always wanted. The brooch could become a pendant or a ring. The necklace can become a bracelet. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead: let you creativity roam free and let us help you with the metamorphosis. 

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Below are a few examples of our past remodelling projects to give you some ideas!

Lila's remodeling - turning a ring into a necklace

Baguette diamonds from customer's ring have been set into a bespoke necklace

Antique aquamarine and diamond ring - before and after remodeling into a modern bezel set ring and pair of earrings.

If bracelets are too large the extra links may be converted into pendants or earrings, as in the examples above.