Lila's will permanently close it’s doors on 30th June 2022. 

We have now stopped all services. If you have pieces with us already, such as repairs or bespoke projects, don't worry, everything will be completed by the end of June. 

You can still shop instore or online until then, with amazing discounts available, up to 50%. 

Our current staff would love to assist you moving forwards, after Lila’s has closed. Please find the following details: 


May Harrington 

Bespoke jewellery designer, GIA trained gemmologist and current shop manager, May has worked at Lila’s for 4 years. Over the years, many of you have enjoyed her brand MAYD, along with her in house bespoke creations, utilising her extensive knowledge of CAD design. She will take on bespoke and remodelling projects, stone sourcing, wedding band orders and conversion pieces.  


Instagram: Dolly_nixon 

Monika Ogorek

Jewellery Designer and Maker, GIA trained Gemmologist, owner of Molo Me. Monika worked at Lila's for over three years, we also sold Monika's Molo Me jewellery at Lila's.

She designs and handmakes jewellery, as well as remodels vintage and antique pieces into modern creations. She can source stones, restring pearls, undertake repairs, take on wedding band orders and make custom jewellery.

In addition to selling her own designs, Monika also sells vintage and antique jewellery via her website. She is based in Camberwell and East Dulwich and can be contacted via



Instagram: @molomelnd

Becky Dockree

Becky is our in-house jeweller, tackling your repairs and bespoke projects. She has over 10 years experience in the industry, concentrating on the handmade approach.

Becky's brand Becky Dockree Jewellery is featured in our shop - her pieces are bold and unique with etched details. 

Becky has a workshop in Camberwell and will be continuing to take on repairs and bespoke projects:



Instagram: @beckydockreejewellery

Remodelling Jewellery

When was the last time you wore that ring from your grandma? Or your engagement ring that wasn’t quite you? That old brooch is very pretty, but are you really a brooch type?

One of our specialties at Lila’s is to breathe new life into old pieces, to reinterpret and make them relevant. We have done a multiple conversions and remodelling jobs over the years for customers and for our stock.

Remodelling can be straightforward or a full bespoke experience - we can take the stone out of an old piece and use it for a new design that you’d really like and wear, or we can bling up the engagement ring with the diamond you’ve always wanted. The brooch could become a pendant or a ring. The necklace can become a bracelet. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead: let you creativity roam free and let us help you with the metamorphosis. 

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Below are a few examples of our past remodelling projects to give you some ideas!

Lila's remodeling - turning a ring into a necklace

Baguette diamonds from customer's ring have been set into a bespoke necklace

Antique aquamarine and diamond ring - before and after remodeling into a modern bezel set ring and pair of earrings.

If bracelets are too large the extra links may be converted into pendants or earrings, as in the examples above.