One of our specialties at Lila’s is to breathe new life into old pieces, to reinterpret and make them relevant. Be honest: when was the last time you wore that ring from your grandma? Or your engagement ring that wasn’t quite you? That old brooch is really pretty, but what would you put it on?

Well, we can take the stone out of an old piece and use it for a new design that you’d really like and wear, or we can bling up the engagement ring with the diamond you’ve always wanted but it’s just now that you have the budget for.  The brooch can be a pendant. The remaining earring the same. The necklace can become a bracelet. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead: let you creativity roam free and let us help you with the metamorphosis.

Below are a few examples of our past remodeling projects.

from a pair of old wedding bands one became a dress ring with different shape and size dark sapphires and the other one was melted to make a twin disc pendant
a Maltese cross purchased from Lila's was remodelled to accommodate four other diamonds to accentuate the old mine cut in the centre
a link of the bracelet has become a a pendant
close-up of the newly created pendant
some extra links of the bracelt have become a pair of earrings

If bracelets are too large the extra links may be converted into pendants or earrings, as in the examples above.