LILA'S is a rare find in today's jewellery market. We've put together an eclectic mix of pre-loved antique and contemporary jewellery which is lovingly restored. Each piece is assessed by our on-site gemmologist, reconditioned by specialist workshops to bring the jewellery to its absolute best and finally hallmarked before it reaches our front window. We showcase an interesting collection of styles within a curated setting; Edwardian and Victorian pieces alongside the Retro styles of the 30's and the 40's contrasting with Italian and British contemporary design make LILA'S a neoteric presence in fine jewellery. 

Our passion about reinventing the past and give form to the new is reflected in our own boutique. Here we've used reclaimed timber and salvaged objects to great effect, creating a spectacular and unique environment for our jewellery. You will feel at home at LILA's, our knowledgeable and friendly staff with skilled jewellers, gemmologists and designers are on hand to help you with your purchase or simply give shape to your ideas.  

No one need risk their life exploiting a limited resource of precious metal and gemstones to create another one. We do things differently. We do so because we feel strongly about being part of the jewellery industry's development of environmentally and socially responsible production and manufacturing. We believe in ethical consumerism. LILA's own wedding bands are made from Fairtrade gold, recycled gold or sustainably sourced platinum and palladium.

We were also part of the first "I DO" campaign run by the Fairtrade foundation which aims to highlight the benefits of choosing fair trade gold. By taking part in events in the local and wider community such as fundraisers for charities and schools, we feel confident of our support for and by the local community. For gold can be green! 

We are proud to reflect the public's desire for unique pieces that are both responsibly sourced and fairly priced. We became the first choice for a grown list of clients as there is a high degree of trust in our jewellery, services and policies, and this has brought our nomination for the Hot 100 Jewellery Professionals in 2015 and UK Jewellery Awards 2016.