dan - director

At the core of the business is Dan who has used his experience and resources to make this project a reality.  Lila’s represents a reflection of his keen eye for design and his customer-focused business model that goes back almost 20 years. Besides his wisdom from behind the scenes, he’s also “Dan the Man”, the do-it-all kind of guy to whom we always turn when in trouble or…need a bulb changed and a desk fixed, a ring photographed or some findings picked up. Dan is hooked on restoring old vehicle toys with proper working engines.

Cata – Director, Buyer

Dan’s other half, Cata has a history in managing jewellery stores, buying fine jewellery (quite a tough job, hey?) and a more recent compulsion to roam Europe’s antique markets and bid for sparkly things. More than anything, she had a drive to create a different kind of jewellery experience with a great respect to the environment and a sincere approach to customers. The boutique is not reduced to its stocks, but brought to life by a wonderful and skilled team. With a business to run, two kids and a husband who fancies toys, Cata is hooked on Amarone.

Hannah – Store Manager

Every person who's ever come across our boutique remembers Hannah, our store manager. English born, Aussie bred, she's the friendliest person ever and a goldmine when it comes to helping you navigate through the intricate ways of jewellery buying or making. Hannah graduated from jewellery design with an honours degree and has experience in managing fine jewellery stores, but what everybody loves her for (yes, everybody loves Hannah!) is her warm approach and her profound desire to always make things right. A Sci-Fi nerd in her spare time.

Cristina – Gemmologist, Designer

An authentic Catalan soul, Cristina will put all her passion into the bespoke pieces she’s creating. With an Arts degree in sculpture, jewellery design certificates and a graduate gemmologist diploma from the GIA, she’s got what it takes to make your dream jewellery piece a reality. She makes sure the final piece is of the highest quality or else…  Cristina loves new projects, exploring the world around her and adventures in cuisine.


Bel – Jewellery Consultant

Bel was the very first person to become an official member of Lila’s staff back in the days when the current store was just a shell. Over the years, she's worked with jewellery departments in Harrods and Liberty among other well-established trade businesses and we were immediately blown away by her experience, her knowledge of designer pieces and jewels on trend. She’s really good at what she does – plain and simple. Bel loves to go out with her friends and is always finding new things to paint in her house and progressively more elaborate DIY projects!

Becky – Jewellery Consultant

Graceful Becky is well-kept and well spoken, while beneath this British exterior she’s very chilled out and ready to share a joke with anyone coming through our door. Becky is a skilled jeweller and teaches jewellery making in Camberwell and her pieces shine in our front window cabinet. She’s ready to answer whatever jewellery related question you might have. Becky loves time spent in her studio working on new designs as well as a good chat in the pub with a good ale.


Ella – Jeweller

Original and skillful, Ella is our in-house jeweller in charge of everyday repairs, conversions, jewellery upcycling and making. From speed creating jewellery on movie sets to carefully birth her own collection, Ella's crafty hands are used to making magic happen. One particular skill of hers makes us all jealous, though: her cunning eye for spotting the most amazing bargains.


Inga – bookkeeper

Inga is our down to Earth member of the team. While the rest of us keep an eye on the blingy and the shiny, Inga crunches up numbers and makes sure everything’s done by the book. Her presence is a breath of realism amongst us daydreamers. Inga likes extreme sports and reading books on self-development and positive thinking.