Engraving Services

Engraving has been important part of human history from the stone age, where first humans scored prehistorical caves and left first pictorial writing on stone tablets, through the times when humanity discovered metal. Engraving application followed the iron discovery and ever since engraving has been associated with and applied on metal and jewellery.

Nowadays the oldest form of engraving – by hand - although still thriving, has been largely replaced by mechanised or laser engraving which speeds up the process and makes it more affordable than the traditional technique. Whichever the way, engraving is one of the most popular and creative way to adorn the simplest piece of jewellery turning it into a one-of-a-kind special piece!

We offer laser engravings on practically any kind jewellery, however there may be times when laser engraving is not possible. In situations like that it may be that hand engraving needs to be applied. Hand engraving is usually very labour intensive and therefore more expensive service.

There are several types of engraving we can do:

Letter Engraving

The simplest of all engravings! Creating a message on the back of a watch or a locket, inside a wedding band or on top of a bar bracelet is the classic way of commemorating an important event or a beloved person.

Below you will find a selection of our engraving fonts. When choosing a font be mindful that the scale will be much smaller and may have a slightly different feel.

There are few things we need to consider before choosing your font

-        the placement of the letters – do you want the engraving on the inside or outside a band/ bangle/etc., on a flat or rounded surface? This will determine the kind and size of the font you can choose – for example your band might be 5mm wide but if it is rounded on the inside that will leave less surface to work with.

-        the size of the font (the height) as well type of characters (capital letters, lower case letters

-        how much writing will fit on the piece

The standard cost for engraving up to 30 characters that are up to 3mm in height is £36. For lettering that is bigger and/or more numerous than 30 characters we would need a separate quote.

Here’s a selection of fonts used by Lila’s

Lila's font Sample