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Engraving Services

Engraving has been important part of human history from the stone age, where first humans scored prehistorical caves and left first pictorial writing on stone tablets, through the times when humanity discovered metal. Engraving application followed the iron discovery and ever since engraving has been associated with and applied on metal and jewellery.

Nowadays the oldest form of engraving – by hand - although still thriving, has been largely replaced by mechanised or laser engraving which speeds up the process and makes it more affordable than the traditional technique. Whichever the way, engraving is one of the most popular and creative way to adorn the simplest piece of jewellery turning it into a one-of-a-kind special piece!

We offer laser engravings on practically any kind jewellery, however there may be times when laser engraving is not possible. In situations like that it may be that hand engraving needs to be applied. Hand engraving is usually very labour intensive and therefore more expensive service.

There are several types of engraving we can do:


Letter Engraving

The simplest of all engravings! Creating a message on the back of a watch or a locket, inside a wedding band or on top of a bar bracelet is the classic way of commemorating an important event or a beloved person.

The standard cost for engraving up to 30 characters that are up to 3mm in height is £45. For lettering that is bigger and/or more numerous than 30 characters we would need a separate quote.

Here’s a selection of fonts used by Lila’s:

 Engraving fonts

Bespoke engraving

In bespoke engraving we take a desired image and turn it into an outline that then can be laser engraved on a desired piece of jewellery. Please note that our standard turnaround time form bespoke engraving is 3 – 4 weeks.

The steps for bespoke engraving bellow assume that you have the piece of jewellery ready:

Step 1 Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to look at any images or design ideas you have. We will also need to see the piece that you wanted to have engraved. During this time we will agree the specifics of the engraving and our designer will be able to advice on any technical aspects. 

Once we are clear about the design we will book in your piece of jewellery and take the payment. The cost of the engraving and designing starts at £120 per design per piece. The same design can be engraved on other pieces at extra charge. We can now move to the next step...


Step 2 Design

Once we have an understanding of your requirements we will prepare the proof for you consideration. It will be a black and white image of your desired design. Once we have your approval we can proceed with the engraving.

We have designed landscapes, garlands, flowers and many more other designs, in fact there isn't many things that are off limits! Please enjoy the gallery of our creations:



Signet Rings Engravings

There are generally two types of signet engravings – classic monogram engraving and crest engraving.



Monogram engraving historically featured elaborate, swirly initials but nowadays a range of different font is used. Please refer to our font sample above to see which would suit you best. This type engraving is a usual surface engraving, which unlike the cut engraving isn’t as deep, and is much the same as letter engraving. The price for the service varies largely dependant on the size of the lettering and the size of the signet. The service starts at £60.

Crest or seal engraving is a deep, 3D relief engraving which is a more elaborate and expensive service. Done exclusively by hand the three dimensional mirror image would historically be used as a signature for documents and letters. Nowadays any form of deep engraving is popular – flora and fauna, symbolical or otherwise.

Each such engraving comes with wax imprint of the piece. The service starts at £340.