CAD or handmade?

During our consultation we look at what is the fastest and most cost-effective way of making your dream piece. We have two ways of going about this – using CAD or handmaking a piece. There are benefits to both, and we will discuss with you how they may or may not work. We have prepared this quick explanation for you in case you’d like to familiarize yourself with the process before your consultation.


Computer Aided Design or CAD is the fastest and most precise way of designing jewellery nowadays. Utilising a special software, CAD designers create a 3D simulation of a piece which then can be turn into full rendered image of a given design. The CAD images are used to show customers variations in designs or just simply showcase the design.


Below are examples of CAD design and the corresponding rendered image

 Lilas Bespoke Diamond Bezel Ring Render CADLilas Bespoke Diamond Bezel Ring Render

Once a design is approved it is sent off for casting – CAD castings are done by a professional cast manufacturers that work on a large scale, they are very rarely cast in house – such an operation requires a lot of specialised equipment such that it doesn’t warrant the investment by small business.

It is important for us to note that designing in CAD incurs a flat, non-refundable fee that is then subtracted at the end of the project if you choose to go ahead. The reason for this is the time spend on preparing the design – this takes the longest in Computer Aided Design.


Handmade designs

Unlike CAD designs, handmade designs are usually much simpler and therefore easier done by hand. This will be reflected in price as the production is shorter – CAD designs save money on a complex design that if were to be handmade would take far longer and be more expensive.

One of the benefits of handmaking is that most of the time we may be able to use your scrap metal that we normally wouldn’t use in casting CAD pieces. Also, you will own a piece that has been crafted by hand, which in today’s world of innovation and technology is a rare thing!


Below are examples of jewellery we made by hand: