Hannah – Shortlisted as Retail Star at UK Jewellery Awards 2017

We were all extremely happy when we found out earlier this year that Hannah Kelly, Lila’s store manager, was nominated as one of the best jewellery consultants across the entire UK. Hannah’s got such an amazing personality and when you double this with determination and 16 years of experience in the jewellery industry, you know straight away she’s one of the best in the trade. But being publicly nominated as one, in the most prestigious event of the year for the jewellery industry is extremely rewarding. Striving to achieve your targets whilst maintaining a large portfolio of happy customers can be tough, but being acknowledged for your outstanding work by trade peers is even tougher. So, well done, Hannah! You’re making us all proud.



Are you wondering what makes Hannah so special? Well, here’s what she answers to some key questions.

Please outline what you believe makes you a good salesperson

A good salesperson has a combination of attributes; they have to be able to form a very quick connection with a complete stranger and have the ability to turn that relationship into a sale. They must be warm, but confident and having a sense of humour doesn’t hurt either as being able to laugh with someone is a bonding experience. A good salesperson has the ability to naturally impart information to the customer without going into ‘lecture’ mode and this is done by being able to read people’s wants and needs and respond accordingly. All of these things need to be done with a sense of honesty and a sense of integrity as jewellery sales are like no other in that trust is integral to the exchange.

Can you give some examples of instances when you believe you have gone above and beyond for customers?

I aim to go above and beyond with every customer as it’s part of the job, but some you need to go further with than others! It is always worth it as in the end you gain a customer and potentially a friend for life. I’ve created and maintained elaborate plots to keep marriage proposals a secret, I’ve journeyed to a customer’s house to post a secret gift through their letterbox only to realise our packaging was too big so made the journey again, I’ve watched dogs, held babies … I’ve listened, wiped tears away and been a therapist…I’m extremely consistent and always ready to help…. The result of all this is that our relatively new company has a large, dedicated and loyal customer base (that drop in for a chat ALL the time), I’m invited to engagement parties and we get loads of cards, presents and kisses at Christmas and most importantly we get lots of sales.

What does excellent customer service look like to you?

Excellent customer service is at the very least a combination of these factors; friendly, informative, patient, persuasive and efficient. But it can be so much more than these qualities and true excellence in customer service is an elusive mix of natural ability and possibly the can’t-be-faked enjoyment of interacting with people. Good service is the ability to act quickly and decisively to resolve an issue. Truly excellent customer service is the ability to anticipate issues before they arise in order to minimise their occurrence.

How do you measure your sales success? 

As the store manager I have many varied responsibilities and despite not being able to be on the shop floor all the time I am consistently the highest seller. This is mainly due to the many customers that have become loyal clients because of the trust, attentiveness and consistency I provide in service. I also believe a good sense of humour goes a long way to building a good client relationship as well as being empathetic and able to read people. In jewellery sales you are often involved in the most important parts of people’s lives and this can involve happiness and sadness; being able to respond honestly and yet with a focused and constructive goal is very important. Due to the relationships I manage to develop very quickly with clients and the knowledge I have after 16 years in the jewellery industry I have also managed to increase to our bespoke project sales by 400% in 2016 which I’m very proud of as a bespoke project requires a certain level of commitment and trust. They are also very rewarding because of the level of involvement required.


Do you participate in on-going training?

I am currently undertaking the JETplus course in management which is proving to be helpful in reinforcing knowledge I have gained over the years and introducing new techniques, for instance, time management, an area I know many managers struggle with! I have also attended training seminars with Bransom who provide our back office management system and our POS system. My ongoing training in regards to stock is a combination of the following; research using our extensive in store library of historical and technical volumes, lunch time reading to keep up with trends and the latest information with Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and Jewellery Focus publications, in-depth discussions with our team about new pieces in regards to setting techniques and historical provenance and attending V&A talks from specialist jewellers (e.g. Wallace Chan).


How does this training benefit you in your current role?

I truly believe that you can never have too much information and that the more you know the more you can sell. Undertaking as much research as possible into each piece through discussion and reading has been essential, especially in our business where each piece is unique and as such comes with its own special attributes. Having never worked with preloved or antique jewellery before my current role there was a huge amount of learning regarding historical periods and the styles and techniques associated with those periods. This has been fascinating and has provided me with a depth of appreciation and a more intricate understanding about jewellery and it’s long history.


Can you provide at least one customer testimonial relating to their experience having been served by


We have received many positive verbal testimonials which have been reinforced through repeat business, gifts and referrals.







And if you must know, yes, the party was great with some of us showcasing some pretty wicked dance moves. 😛

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  1. Hannah was so helpful and a joy to be served by when dealing with my engagement ring for my future wife.

    David Olney | July 1, 2017 at 6:10 pm () ()