Hannah – Shortlisted as Retail Star at UK Jewellery Awards 2017

We were all extremely happy when we found out earlier this year that Hannah Kelly, Lila’s store manager, was nominated as one of the best jewellery consultants across the entire UK. Hannah’s got such an amazing personality and when you double this with determination and 16 years of experience in the jewellery industry, you know straight away she’s one of … Continue reading

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Star Wars Setting on a Finger

Star Wars has become a legend and along with the iconic saga, a whole range of related accessory industry has developed. But before you could buy a diamond studded Darth Vader mask or R2D2 necklaces on etsy.com or other character adornment there was a real SF thrill inspired by  Space Age which started with the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 … Continue reading

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Mystery and Glow

This mesmerising moonstone ring has recently left our boutique to find a good home.  The lovely lady who bought it asked if she could have more background information on the Arts and Craft American ring and because this is a rare and unusual piece I thought I’d share it on the blog as well. Arts & Craft (1890-1920) was a … Continue reading

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Disposable Jewellery – Ditch It!

It’s not seldom that I see customers coming to Lila’s to have their jewellery repaired and we have to decline them. Don’t get me wrong, we cater for repairs of all sorts, but when it comes to base metal fashion jewellery we can’t do much. Base metal won’t sustain solder, rhinestones in the particular shape and colour as in the customer’s … Continue reading

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What is a Synthetic Gemstone?

The major difference between a natural and a synthetic gemstone is that the synthetic has been created in a laboratory, by man, in a relatively short amount of time while the natural one has been created by nature, deep underground, sometimes over millions of years.  A synthetic and a natural, however, have the same physical and chemical characteristics. A synthetic emerald will … Continue reading

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Lila’s – Highly Commended at UK Jewellery Awards 2016

We were chuffed to have been “highly commended” for the Best Store Environment at Retail Jeweller’s UK Jewellery Awards 2016. Judges praised the “incredible concept and impressive environment” of our unusual store in East Dulwich. Ethically sourcing and upcycling are cleverly showcased in the very welcoming space of Lila’s, including vintage panning tables, miner’s tools, converted ‘cabinets of curiousities’ and … Continue reading

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