Listed below are a series of questions designed to help you when thinking of a custom made piece. Have a look over these and consider what’s important to you and how we can help to realise your ideas:



What particular pieces do you enjoy wearing?
What is currently missing from your collection/or you have too many of?
What type of jewellery piece would suit your gems/metal/wardrobe best?


2.     STYLES:
Do you prefer traditional or contemporary designs?
Do you like soft & organic or clean & graphic shapes?
Would you like something sleek and modern or a more decorative, vintage style?
Do you prefer delicate, fine pieces of jewellery or chunky and bold items?


3.     COLOURS:
What gem colours do you prefer?
Are there any significant gems/colours important to you?
Are there any particular colour combinations you find appealing?


4.     METALS:
What metal colour do you usually wear?
What fineness have you preferred in the past? 9K, 14K or 18K?


5.     BUDGET:
What budget have you set aside for the piece?
Up to £200?        Up to £500?        Up to £1000?     £3000 + ?             



AND FINALLY, As well as considering these aspects it is always hugely helpful to have a picture or collection of images that inspire you or you’d like to recreate somehow. Whether you search for these online or photograph items you’ve seen/own already, the more information you can provide us at the start the better we can meet your expectations in the end.