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Why go bespoke?

There are few things in life as rewarding and personal as designing your own piece of jewellery, and the exciting process of creation can be a simple or complex endeavour. Here at Lila’s we make the whole process as straightforward and enjoyable as we can, regardless of the level of intricacy involved. 


Lila's bespoke is different...

Our rich and varied experience in bespoke designs started with the opening of Lila’s in 2014. We have since created hundreds of custom and bespoke pieces for our customers. Our team of experienced jewellers, gemmologists and designers, along with our attention to detail is second to none.

We pride ourselves on the ethical and sustainable approach to our bespoke design service and offer Fairtrade gold in all colours, as well as recycled metals. We do our best to source reclaimed, recycled and responsibly mined gemstones and diamonds when possible. It is also very important to us that we offer all this at a competitive and reasonable price across the market.



The Steps

We have outlined what you can expect from the process below. Whether you are familiar with or completely new to the process it’s worth reading through:

  • STEP 1: Preparation, initial ideas and inspiration.

You may be surprised that the first step to designing your own pieces will start with you. You could begin with a mood board or a collage, which is a good place to start in getting your ideas to come together. Note down any inspirations you have, take photos and check out our  Bespoke Designs GalleryPinterest and Instagram pages for inspiration - keep all the favourites to hand!

 Another important aspect to consider is your budget. We don’t require exact numbers just an indication of what you would like to spend. Each of us have certain expectation of how much we would like to pay for our dream piece. For us as the designers knowing your budget means we can provide you with the best specifications within your price range.



  • STEP 2: Consultation

This is when the key factors for the forthcoming project are established - you now have a general idea of what you want and are ready to meet our designer.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help pinpoint your proposals and inspirations to come to a final decision. Our in-house designer will advise on technical viability of the design, suggest alternatives, if needed, and guide you through the process.

 The are few key aspects of designing jewellery that might come up and you can read more about them by clicking on each:


-      Using gemstones

-      Melting old pieces of jewellery

-   -  Fairtrade Gold 

-      CAD (Computer Aided Design) or hand made orders

-      3D wax prototype

-      Hallmarking

Some of the above may not be part of your design process – we will find the best way forward that is best suited to your specific design and budget.

 You may wonder at this point about the cost of the project - we can give you a ballpark figure on the spot, however, we will contact you later once the exact costing is ready.

It is important to note also that CAD incurs a non-refundable design deposit of £250, which will be deducted from total cost if you choose to go ahead. For most bespoke jobs we need to allow a minimum of 5 weeks for production - this doesn’t include consultation time and stone choosing.


  • STEP 3: Design

Our designer will gather all information and come up with exact quote, according to materials used and stones sourced. We will contact you to give you all the discussed options and will await your decision.

Any changes to the design can be made within reason, however if you decide to completely change your piece, a second deposit may be required. Sometimes we may choose to create a wax prototype of your CAD design to check the fit and give you an overall feel. Creating one wax costs £50 and is chargeable separately from the overall bespoke cost.


Once you are happy with the design and the cost, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to get things going.

Lilas Bespoke Ring Render


  • STEP 4: Production

This is when the magic happens! Paying your deposit put things in motion – gathering materials, casting or hand-making, stone setting and hallmarking.

This is the most rewarding step - we love the moment where weeks of hard work and deliberation come to fruition and you see your new jewel for the first time, which is often a very emotional moment for everyone involved.

We check the fit one last time, finalise any paperwork and the piece is yours!



Gallery of bespoke designs


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