Lilas bespoke 3D Wax Prototype

Lila's 3D wax prototype of customer's bespoke project

3D Wax Prototype

For customers who would like a more tangible version of their piece, before it is produced in metal, we offer 3D wax prototypes. As the name would suggest the prototypes are a real size models made from special plastic that are created upon request.

The big benefit of having one created is the you will be able to see more clearly how your project will turn out, you can check the fit and the feel and at this point we could make changes to the original if necessary.

The models showcase unfinished piece that are ready to be cast, so no stones will be present; they are also in different colour to real metal counterpart – mostly dark grey or blue. We will be able to make one as long as we are creating a CAD project. The time frame is about a 1-2 weeks to make and this time is in addition to the 5 weeks of production. We charge £50 pounds, independently from the project cost, for each prototype

For handmade projects we can most of the time create a wax model however, making time as well as cost will vary from project to project.

Lila's hand carved wax model of a shaped band